Bayside Bed Swing

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Bayside Bed Swing

by : Luke Phillips


Quick Description

This swinging bed is a relaxing outdoor dream. Made of wood and French shutters, it has a smooth and gentle swing for total relaxation. Made by hand here in the USA.


Price includes Bed Swing and rope for hanging. Does not include mattress, padding or pillows. Can be sold with hinges on bottom side rail or as seen here with rope wrapped around. Shipping is Free within USA.

This bed swing is made with sets of French shutters, that vary slightly in shape. This design is refined and perfected to a sturdy, elegant piece that combines antique and modern craftsmanship. These swings are likely to contain original hardware: long metal bars with artistic handles, antique pin-and-barrel hinges, etc., always arranged away from the sitting area. Ships 6-8 weeks.

Medium of Art

Swing Colors