Resellers – Sell from your Collection

The Global Art Exchange community makes it easy for collectors like yourself to make sure that when it’s time to refresh your space, your old collectibles don’t gather dust in an attic.

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People who come to the Global Art Exchange website are looking for art. Chances of your artwork getting seen and sold are greater on a designated online art gallery.

Simply create an account as a Reseller, fill out the simple form – Add a Listing, describe aspects of the piece of artwork then Upload a picture of the item. It doesn’t matter if it’s a painting, a sculpture, or an original piece of furniture. We’ll do the rest.

Paradise-Bible-Lithograph-with-an-image-on-the-back-by-chagallWe work hard to make selling your artwork easy. There is no obligation in listing your artwork for sale and nothing is collected until sold. When your artwork sells we pay you, the seller 80% of your asking price.

Still have questions read our Terms and Conditions here. Or you can contact us today!

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