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  • The Swans

    Quick Description

    This photograph features two swans playing in a lake around a water fountain.

  • Awakening

    Quick Description

    This original photograph by Ines Simek has mystery and interest, as the sun tries to break through to awaken.

  • Heading For The Sun

    Quick Description

    This Giclee by Robert Dawson, captures the spirit of this horse, with dramatic lighting, this silhouette of grace and strength is unforgettable.

  • Dancing Swan2

    Quick Description

    This photograph is of a Swan dancing gracefully across a pond on a sunny day in Virginia. He was flirtatious and flaunted his beautiful wings as the wind tossed his feathers to and fro.

  • Talk to the Hand

    Quick Description

    This photo is of a fast talking chipmunk! It looks to have been saying “Talk to the hand…peanuts for four please!…No photos, I”m incognito!”

  • In the Presence of Bison

    Quick Description

    This soulful bison has a white birthmark on his left eye, which may be an indicator that he may have ancestors that are white bison. Often considered sacred, the detail and personality captured in this photo are beautiful.