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  • Gold Iridescent Glass Vase

    Quick Description

    This beautiful vase has an iridescent and colorful swirl finish. It takes on two different looks, in the day time there is a pearl glaze look across the piece revealing the colors, at dark the colors become vibrant under inside lighting. Almost revealing 2 different vases.

  • Phoenician Glass Cocktail Glass

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    This Phoenician Cocktail Glass comes with an array of Aqua and green colors winding around the glass. It has a darker blue base. It is hand-blown glass, and unique for its individual colors and design. Also available is the matching Phoenician pitcher.


  • Phoenician Glass Pitcher – Aqua

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    This Phoenician Glass Pitcher comes with an array of Aqua and light green colors winding around the cylinder. It has a light blue handle and pouring spout. It is hand-blown glass, and unique for its individual colors and design. Also available are the matching Phoenician cocktail glasses.

  • Antique Bike & Flowers

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    This print is an old rusty bike with flowers flowing to bring it some extra beauty and life.

  • Palomino Horse Print

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    This beautiful Palomino horse portrait is 47 inches high, is printed and stretched on high quality canvas.

  • What is Inside

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    This original drawing by Egan Bertelson, was created using traditional art pencils with additional light coloration.  The art suggests the inner desire to be in a pure setting removed from modern influences. This piece is sold unframed.

  • Morning Guitar

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    For the music lover in you, this original oil painting by Elaine Fleck has dynamic color and interest. It is sold framed. 

  • Casa Courtyard

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    This photograph features the lush feel of a Mediterranean home courtyard.

  • Nugget Point, New Zealand

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    This photograph by Filip Kulisev, is a gorgeous view of the sunset and Lighthouse on Nugget Point in New Zealand.