Account Information

Am I required to have an account? 

Buyers – If you are a Buyer you may simply check out as a guest or you may create an account to keep track of your purchases.

As a Seller (Artist, reseller, designer) – yes. Listing an item for sale, does require an account with your personal information.

If you are just browsing the galleries you are not required to have an account you may however set up an account to keep your wish list and other pertinent information.

How do I change my account information?

If you need to change anything in your account, simply login. Your account information will appear, then you may make changes to your account in this location by clicking “Edit Profile” in upper right corner. The art listings in your account information can only be changed by GAE administrator. New art listings may take up to 24 hours to appear in your account.

How do I close my account?

If you would like to close your account just email us at customercare@global-art-exchange.com we will assist you. Please note any art that is listed connected with your account will be removed from the site when account is closed.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password you have the option when signing in to select “forgot password”, it will automatically send you an email to reset your password.

Art Listings

What type of products can be listed on Global-art-exchange.com?

Artists, student artists, owners of art, and charities can list their artwork for sale on the Site. Artwork that is original or a reproduction, such as mixed media wall art, original paintings, drawings, photography, mixed media, digital art, sculpture, original pieces of furniture, glass art, music, and limited reproductions may be listed. Some art may not be listed as a matter of policy, or legal restrictions. (Example, crime scene photos, artwork that violates any copyright or trademarks, inappropriate sexual content).

Please note not all work will be accepted onto the site. We reserve the right to accept or reject any art submissions.

Why doesn’t my artwork show up in my account or on the site?

All artwork listings take up to 24 hours to post onto the website. They will not be seen on the website immediately. This is not an automatic process, artwork is uploaded individually.

All of the fields need to be filled out when entering a new listing.

If your artwork is not accepted you will receive an email from us letting you know.

How do I remove my artwork listed for sale?

If you have sold your art through another venue please contact us to remove your art by emailing us at customercare@global-art-exchange.com.  If your art has been sold by us we will update your listing after contacting the seller first.

How do I make changes to the artwork listing?

If you have changes to the listing of your artwork, please email us at customercare@global-art-exchange.com Reference the Title of your work and state the necessary changes.

Can I add more or change the photos once I submit a listing?

Yes, you may delete or add new photos to your art listing by emailing your request at  customercare@global-art-exchange.com  simply let us know the Title of the work and state specific instructions. We will make the changes within 24 hours of your request.

How many pieces of art may I list for sale?

Listing art is free and you may list as many pieces as you would like. Each piece will be listed for 90 days, after the 90 days we will request an updated submission.



Can I return purchased artwork?

Returning artwork is determined by the Seller. Terms and conditions for the return of their art is listed along with the asking price and description of the artwork for sale.If the Seller does accept returns, GAE policy requires the return be made within 30 days and a 5% return fee paid (unless there is an exchange). In the case of misrepresentations, Sellers who misrepresent their artwork or condition of artwork will pay for shipping both to and from Buyer. (please see full return policy in our Terms and Conditions).

How are art prices decided?

Art listed on this site is determined by the Artist or Reseller. Artwork is valued in many ways; the demand of art from a particular artist may drive the cost up, the medium of the piece, the size, even the subject or historical reference may all be factors in the price of art. Researching or getting a professional opinion is advised when purchasing art of high value.

How do I know the artwork is authentic?

Buying directly from the artist is the surest way of authenticity. Buying from a Reseller requires more documentation if authenticity is desired. Authentic art, is usually signed by the artist and should be accompanied with appropriate documents. This may include invoices from galleries or auction houses, appraisals, receipts, provenance information, and any existing certificates of authenticity. It is up to the Seller to list and represent the artwork accurately. It is up to the buyer to accept or reject a purchase with supplied documentation. If a buyer choses to purchase artwork without a certificate or proper documentation they do so at their own risk.

Am I responsible for paying sales tax?

Currently, if you are a buyer and shipping to an address in the State of Ohio you will be charged sales tax on your artwork. This will automatically be seen on your purchase at check out.


Charities Selling Artwork

Do we have to be a 501 (c) (3) to be considered a charity? 

No, any charitable organization may sell their artwork on the site.

Interior Designers

Am I still eligible for the 5% referral fee if I am not an Interior Designer?

You may receive the 5% referral fee if you are a Designer or Decorator with a business. We require your Company Name and Tax-ID number.

Can I list my clients artwork for them?

The legal owner must create an account to sell their artwork. They will create an account and list the art as a Reseller. You may assist them in doing so, but the account must be in their name and with their personal information. When the artwork sells sale proceeds will be disbursed to legal owner of artwork.

Do I have to create an account?

Yes, we require Designers who wish to participate in this program to create an account. This is also where the clients you represent are listed. You may update your client list as needed.

Does the program only include a referral fee if my clients work sells?

The referral fee is applicable to the sale of your clients artwork or if your client purchases new artwork from the site. See Terms and Conditions for details.

Selling Your Artwork (Artists, Resellers, Charities)

What should I include in the asking price of my artwork?

Asking Price should include the price for the artwork and any packaging, shipping, insurance costs and commission.

What is the commission rate for selling my artwork?

When your artwork sells, GAE pays Seller 80% of the Asking Price. When listing an item for sale you will see the total commission rate that is collected when sold. You then have a chance to make adjustments or approve.

How do I know if a piece of art has sold?

You will receive an email from GAE and it will be indicated in your account information. When payment has been received from Buyer, Seller will be asked to ship the artwork to the Buyer. Seller must send confirmation that the artwork has shipped to GAE.

How do I confirm that I sent the artwork to the customer?

Log in to your account. In your account settings, Sold Listings will appear at the bottom of the page. Next to the artwork name is “Confirm Shipment”. Click on this and it will link you to an email. In the email, list tracking id, carrier for shipment and date shipped. You may also send your confirmation information of shipment directly to: confirmation@global-art-exchange.com.

How do I get paid when I sell my art work?

Once the transaction is confirmed and complete, GAE will deposit into your PayPal account the amount of the Asking Price you listed for your artwork minus the 20% commission. If other payment arrangements are necessary you may contact us directly or email us at customercare@global-art-exchange.com

Is the commission the only fee associated with selling my artwork?

Yes the commission is the only fee you are required to pay when the artwork is sold. No other fees will be billed. If Sales Tax is applicable, it will be added at the time of sale and paid for by the Buyer.

Do I have to accept returns?

Accepting returns may increase your sales margins. However, it is up to you to decide if you wish to accept returns from customers. You will indicate either yes or no when filling out your art for sale listing. If you do accept returns, you will state your policy listing your artwork. Keep in mind if Seller accepts returns GAE’s policy states returns must be done within 30 days and there may be a 5% return fee (unless Seller accepts exchanges) assessed to Buyer.