Artists – Sell Your Original Art

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”
- Michelangelo

The creation of art comes at a price. A bit of the artists soul resides in every piece. It is the culmination of an idea breathed into life. You know this better than most; because you are an artist.

Heart of Purple HeartGlobal Art Exchange wants to help you showcase your talent, tell the stories of your work, and get your pieces in the homes of appreciative buyers. Our process is easy, secure and listing your art for sale is free. We collect a small commission when your art is sold. Simply create an account, fill in your artists profile and information about yourself. Then add a listing!

We love our artists and have your best interests at heart. We are proud to offer quality artists, whether just budding or accomplished, an avenue to sell your work and gain recognition for your talent.

Learn more about our official Terms and Conditions here. And of course if you have questions please call or email us.

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