Art Turns a House into a Home

Art That Turns Your House into a Home

The artistic mind will immediately see the empty walls, shelves, and spaces of a house as a deliciously inviting empty canvas begging for a metamorphosis of expression and energy.

Those without the lucky “artist’s gene” may find all that glaring emptiness a bit overwhelming. The good news is that you don’t have to have an interior design background or a degree in the fine arts to turn the brick and mortar of your house into an inviting space that reflects your personality and tells you that you’re home.Fields of Color

Tricks of the Trade

When a professional interior designer meets with a client for the first time, they are in listening mode. They want to get to know their client by hearing what that person’s goals are for the space and if there are particular colors or styles that fit well within the homeowner’s lifestyle.

Interior design goes beyond wall colors and window treatments. It’s about beauty and function. It’s about creating a space that fits a lifestyle, creates a mood, and complements architecture. To do this well, a designer has to understand the “wish list” of a client.

So you must do the same. Sit back, take a breath and decide for yourself, what you really want. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the space? To entertain? To work? To rest?
  2. When you look around, is there one item you can’t live without?
  3. Are you drawn to a particular color scheme (check your wardrobe)
  4. Think about artwork you’ve bought in the past; what resonated with you about each piece? Is there a theme?

Answering these questions will give you a more articulated version of your style. And that will direct you toward the artwork that belongs in your space.


Capturing Emotion

There is no magic formula for purchasing art that speaks to you. You simply must listen. Visit galleries and museums and pay attention to the artwork that you consistently are drawn to. Pay attention to where your eye is drawn when looking at architecture and furniture. Take note of what you look at twice, or linger in front of longer. Ask yourself why and determine the underlying voice that calls to you with each piece.

It won’t always come to you as a well-defined classification of your style, but you will start to understand what speaks to you and it’s these pieces that will reflect your personality and resonate deep within.

The Unveiling

Once you begin collecting artwork and displaying it in your home, you will be excited to show it off and get reactions from your friends and family. The piece may not speak to them on the same level it does to you, but that’s OK. This is an expression of yourself. And that is something those who care about you will appreciate.

Incidentally, there is an art to home staging. This is what professional stagers and real estate agents do to make a home more presentable to potential buyers. They focus on ensuring optimal lighting and clutter-free places. They manipulate the environment to create a harmonious space where all the colors, fabrics, and furniture settings work together.

Take direction from them; use your furnishings to create focal points of your favorite pieces. Make sure they are illuminated consistent with the mood they intend to invoke.

When the time comes, share your discerning eye for beauty and art that has turned your house into a home!

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How do you “unveil” your newly purchased artwork? Share your comments and tips here.

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