Art Heals


Art cannot be defined as just a painting, a sculpture or form. It’s more than just a pleasing experience to the eye. We can all appreciate a beautiful piece of art. But for some artist creating a work of art goes much deeper than that of its surface beauty. Art can be refreshing, peaceful, spiritual, and to some, a healing experience.

Today, I came across an organization called “Free Arts for Abused Children” their motto, “Art Heals.” Based out of Los Angeles County, they offer a Free Arts program with caring positive adult volunteers. It is designed to give hope and inspire children who have experienced abuse, poverty, neglect and homelessness. They believe that there’s a healing power to art that helps turn these children’s’ lives around and helps boost their self-esteem while connecting with positive caring adults.524086_555049134550109_249883907_n

Thousands of children have participated in the Free Arts Program, and the program has grown with affiliates in Arizona, Minnesota, and New York City. The Program also introduced the Parents and Children Together with Art (PACT) Program in 1994 to help families in crisis.

They depend on the community and volunteers to help operate the organization. There are many ways to get involved; they accept monetary donations, become a corporate sponsor, train to be a caring volunteer, or donate art supplies. This program is effective and a wonderful way to help children who are in need of hope. If you’re interested in volunteering, donating, or know someone who could benefit from this program their website is

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